Ok part two on the godhead 4 or trinity / Quadrant/ Crossroads

Ever wonder the parallels between

God the father

The holy ghost/spirit/seraph

Son/Jesus etc

Mother God

Well in my perception if all timelines were one itd be

God= Sah

Jesus = Geb

HS = Kaze /Wind

Mother = Hathor or the wife of Sah

Theres a reason i mentioned the father of the gods Sah one of ghe lesser known gods and creators as he can be seen as Amun Ra or Osiris in mythology but actually has his own story not many know. I could tell it but what would be the fun in spoilers.

Another personification of the trinity are the 3 jackals/wolves

Anubis the father

Wepwawet the son

And lupus the spirit

Or you can use your own personification of father son and holy ghost with things such as elements though theres a reason there are 4 elements in most shows like Avatar the last airbender. There are and were 4 in the godhead father and mother then son and spirit.

They each can personify different things such as

Fire /mother

Water /son

Earth/ father

Air /spirit

That or

Father / Space / Source

Mother/ Heavens/ Source

Son/ Mankind/ Races/ Source

Spirit/ Angels/ beings/ deitys etc /source

All of them lead back to the beginning which is the fabric of creation and source of things such as the essance of life.

Heres another thing since I mentioned crossroads in the title you can think of the 4 cardinal directions.

Father= North

Mother = South

Son = West

Spirit = East

There are several ways to personify them in certain ways which can be seen as obvious or oblivious to those who are blinded by faith and do not see this in each of their religions and things in life.

Life is always even.

Karma always gets even.

There are things in life not many realize are right in front of your eyes.

You just have to open your eyes, mind, heart, soul etc.

Tweeting about the trinity/quadrity part 1

Kaze = HS Incarnated on earth
HS being Lupus in the 3 jackals
Lupus being ventus / Gabriel
Gabriel being the father Lupus the spirit and then the son is Gary cuz he was ykw in a past life @Psychic_Empath shout out to the trinity incarnated. Gabe wont stop talking tbh

Also Kaze is pretty much my incarnation and i am him hes and we are slowly coming as one which makes my church akward cuz I do not like whrn im prayed to or mentioned its weird. Might just be me. When im at church im in kaze mode looking like What you just say?

Geb is the son or god parallel whatever in the trinity which is actually a quadrity cause they forgot mother god or hathor i think shed be considered mother god.

Ventus has been a father figure as AA Gabriel in my life and shows a good personification of what god to me would act like. Though i do recall meeting both god or adamriel in my book (dont even say it i know) and so i even remember jesus or yeshua to some

Its rather funny and cool that we are all back in our own ways. Should have made this a blog entry….oh well….wait i can copy paste it…..ok

Woot 100 posts i need a cookie

Lol im just like out of energy atm yet im ok. Just feeling drained a tad. Might have pepermint tea again it knocked me out and i was able to move in astral. Had a crazy dresm to it was weird though Gabe is back thankfully. We were at the show and i sensed his energy watching over me. Hes a dork and was too busy watching Aladdin with me like when i was a kid. They didnt leave out the singing and it was fun.

No spoilers nope though Gabriel is like….oh you know the thing at that one part cain and im like shuu. People haven’t seen it yet.

Was a good movie anyhow night gary and everyone. Im tired. Had chilis for dinner just like rice and chili.

Thsnk you gary for always watching over me. I pray you have a good night.

Hugs everyone love and light creation